Management Service

A Management Service is a comprehensive trouble free service removing the day-to-day responsibilities of being a landlord. Having Let the property, going through all the stages outlined above, we take over the day to day operation of your property. Hence, the agency is the tenants’ only form of contact.

  • Let Only Service as described in Let Only section
  • Transfer of all bills from your name to that of your tenants’, with final bills coming to Prime and being paid from rental income.
  • Registration of each new tenancy with the RTB.
  • Collection of rent and onward transfer to landlords account, less management fee deduction
  • Holding a set of keys to the property
  • Tenant queries and problems which may arise during the tenancy will be handled and resolved by us
  • All maintenance issues will come directly to the Prime, or our general contractor and be dealt with accordingly
  • An Emergency maintenance number will be available to your tenants  outside business hours so they are never without assistance
  • Quarterly inspections of the property will be carried out and any problems/repairs discussed with the landlord
  • We take full charge of notifying your tenants of an annual rent increase
  • When tenants are vacating the property hand-over will be arranged through Prime, ensuring keys are returned, utility readings taken and a full inspection carried out, as well as, deposit returns less any deductions necessary
  • Between tenancies Prime will advise and organise any repairs, maintenance or up-grades required
  • You will receive quarterly statements of income and if requested a year-end statement of income for tax purposes.

Tax Benefits: All management fees may be tax deductible, as will some of the other costs associated with the rental of your property. For further advice you should seek professional guidance either from your accountant or tax advisor.

Fees: A monthly percentage of rent (including letting fee) plus VAT. Please call us for a quotation