Tenants Advice

Searching for your ideal rental home can be a difficult, time and money consuming exercise.
When starting your search bear in mind that the web is the best source of information and most agencies use it. You can also ring around the various agents and discuss your options. Be as honest as possible; let the agent know you are serious, have your budget, location and requirements decided upon. Some agencies charge tenants a ‘Finder’s Fee’, so ask before you look – Prime does not charge tenants.

When contacting Prime please call or email us your details and we’ll be glad to help. Try to set-up your viewings a day in advance to ensure you get a time suitable to you. Not all agencies carry out appointments in the evening after working in hours, so you may need to look into taking some time off work.

If you feel a property is suitable to you and decide you want to book it and arrange a move-in date have the following items ready:

  • A Holding Deposit – PrimelM requests a €400 Holding Deposit from tenants when booking a property. This amount is deducted from the total and the balance is due on or before the day you intend collecting keys.
  • A Month’s Rent and a Month’s Deposit is payable to Prime LM before you move-into the property.
  • References – Prime ask each tenant for at least one current work reference, from an employer/manager and a previous Landlord reference.
  • A photocopy of a passport is essential.
  • Have your PPS number and employer’s details to hand.
  • Discuss Lease terms with the agent in advance, such as the length of lease you require and any other terms you may to negotiate.
  • We welcome a Tenant CV

Arranging Appointments with Prime:

Prime Letting & Management are available from
9am to 5.30pm each week day.

Our last appointment time is generally 6.30pm. Saturday viewings can be arranged in advance.

Please try to call us 24-hours in advance so that you get a time suitable to you.

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