Landlord Advice

What it means to be a Landlord today in Ireland is ever-changing!

Currently you are in the fantastic position of having your choice of tenants, and can expect long-term tenancies if you so wish, but you also need to understand your responsibilities and restrictions.

If it is not part of your daily business it can be very daunting & confusing. We focus solely in renting residential property, so it is our area of expertise and we are there to guide you. Obtaining our licence every year means we undertake continuous learning hours, but we also attend all the extra hours we can provided by the RTB and the Irish Owners Association, so we can ensure we are always up to date.

Being members of the IPAV also keeps our fingers on the pulse.

We will assist you in understanding Rent Pressure Zone Laws, Part 4 Leases with 6 Year Cycles, Substantial Refurbishments, Rent Reviews/Increases & all Notices you may need to serve throughout a tenancy.

If you instruct us to Manager your property you can be safe in the knowledge that we will uphold your responsibilities while ensuring we generate the most from your investment.

If you are considering purchasing a property for the sole purpose of renting, either privately or through a Pension Fund, please do not hesitate in contacting us before purchasing, as we can give you an indication of price and rental potential before you dive in.

When renting your property there are a few things to look out for:

  • Is your property in a Rent Pressure Zone?
  • What was the previous rent & when was it set?
  • Check references, work and pervious Landlord, of your new tenants.
  • Ensure a Lease Agreement is put in place, ideally Part 4
  • Remember you have an initial 6-month period to give tenants you are not happy with a month’s notice.
  • Make sure you collect a Month’s Rent and a Month’s Deposit in advance.
  • Do not allow tenants pay in arrears or use their deposit as a month’s rent.
  • Ensure all utility accounts are transferred into the tenants’ names.
  • Check each month that you have received a correct rental payment.
  • Inspect the property at least quarterly.
  • Remember to give tenants’ notice before entering the property once occupied.
  • Deal with any maintenance/repair issues as soon and effectively as possible.
  • Check that your property is up to code with all building/rental regulations.
  • Register each new tenancy with the PRTB.
  • Make an annual tax return on rental income.
  • When tenants are vacating, inspect the property thoroughly before returning a deposit. Pay special attention to ensuring all utility bills are paid.

Arranging Appointments with Prime:

Prime Letting & Management are available from
9.30am to 5.30pm each week day.

Our last appointment time is generally 5.30pm. Saturday viewings can be arranged in advance.

Please try to call us 24-hours in advance so that you get a time suitable to you.

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